Platypus Websites Pty Ltd is reseller for MelbourneIT/NetRegistry/TPP who are  the oldest and largest domain name registrars and hosting providers in Australia.

This server is located in Sydney, NSW Australia using Cloud Linux + CPanel with free SSL, Softaculous automatic software innstaller, web statistics, backup wizard, email accounts and forwarders, domain aliases, databases and many utilities.

Auto-failover multi-homed network
Dual Tier 1 ISP connections (Telstra & Uecomm)
Additional ISP connections with PIPE
Cisco Routing

99.9% uptime
24×7 network monitoring
24×7 hardware monitoring
Daily backup
User remote reboot
Email & SMS monitor alerts
Automatic security updates
SOPHOS anti-virus

Apache Version 2.4.29
PHP Version Selectable
MySQL Version 5.6.38
Architecture x86_64
Operating System Linux